Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yuletide Greetings!

Well, here we are again at that special time of the year... Yule! One of the best times of the year for self awareness... I personally find this a great time to take stock in myself and see how I'm measuring up to my own standards. This year, I've lagged a little behind...lol.

Just got back from a trip up to S. Dakota to visit Renee's family. Wow, what a trip! Lots of drama... silly stuff really. I'll spare you all from the stupid details, consider yourself lucky. ;-) The best thing about the trip was that we rented a car and it was a Dodge Charger, which I quickly fell in love with. I would love to get one for every day use, but I've got to sell some more art to get one, that's for sure.

Kiddos are doing good, but boy do they make my life BUSY! It seems that all the stuff they have going on is overlapping these days. Makes for a very hectic family schedule. Oh well, I must trudge on for their sake...

Oh, I almost forgot... I got the great MAT CUTTER that I wanted for my birthday a week or so ago. It'll help alot with my Etsy store as well as the Custom Auto Posters that I do in the summertime.... So, YEA!!!

That's about it for now, toodles.

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