Friday, August 27, 2010

Kansas City PPD Silent Auction

I'm donating some of my artwork to the Silent Auction at our local Pagan Pride Day, here in Kansas City. All proceeds go to The Dream Factory of Kansas City, which is this year's chosen Charity. It's a hard choice to pick out just three images that I want to donate, but I think that there are some obvious choices. I think I've narrowed it down to these:

Anyone stopping by, please bid high, (and often!), it's for a good cause... lol

Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have a winner!!!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was participating in the "31 days of Yule giveaway" contest. Well on the 15th (Tuesday), It was my artwork being featured. I got a lot more views on most of the artwork that's up in my Etsy shop. That was encouraging. It means people are seeing my art and hopefully getting ideas on how to purchase it... lol.

The next morning, I was messaged that there was a winner of a print of mine. Her name is Bridgett, and her blog is something to behold, it's fantastic! It is located at, so you should check her out when you get the chance. She's obviously a very busy person, but also very personable too! I'm so glad that my artwork is going to find a prominent place in her world.

I guess I should let you all in on what artwork she chose to receive... It was a large 11x14 print of the Wiccan Rede! Here's what it looks like.

It's always fun participating in contests from the contributor's side of things. I sure don't have the energy right now to put together a contest of my own! I leave that to the professionals... =) Thanks so much Fae for putting together this wonderful contest, I was very excited to participate! I'll do more of that in the future, I'm sure.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cards with my artwork?

I've been contemplating making greeting cards with my artwork on them for a while now, but wasn't sure what the best way to go about it might be. I've decided to offer up small packs of 20 cards comprised of 4 different designs in them. I'll do my best to keep the styles the same and such, too. I think that this way, I can market my artwork in a smaller, and maybe more manageable context. Kind of like giving a sample pack of my artwork.

What do you all think? Leave a comment below if you have an opinion either way. And look for these soon in my Etsy shop!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

WOW! What a year... =)

A lot has happened to me personally and professionally in 2009. And I happy to announce that most of it is GOOD.

In May, I took over an existing "brick and mortar" store here in the area which had been in business for 10 previous years. It's a printshop with an emphasis on custom designed cards and t-shirts. Right up my alley, I'd say! So far, it's been a wonderful time, although making the transition from a home-based freelance business to the requirements of running a full-time shop has been enlightening to say the least... lol

A lot of my time and efforts this summer and fall has been to reorganize the store to my tastes and take care of my existing customer base there. It leaves little time to devote to my art and to my shops on Etsy. I think that 2010 will bring a balance to all of that though. Some of my time in early 2010 will be devoted to creating a new and fully functional website to the shop and integrate my artwork and Etsy shops into that as well.

I've got a busy "Holiday Card and Invitation" season right around the corner, so I have to keep abreast of that for the next month or so. I will post pics of my new shop as soon as I can get some decent pictures taken. Look for them soon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad Blogger Syndrome

What constitutes a bad blogger these days? Since I haven't posted anything on my ideasignetsy blog in 2/3 of a year, does that make a bad blogger? I'd say YES!

Lately, things have been kinda busy with me purchasing my new shop and all. Before that, it was just a deep depression and funk that I was in. I admit it, I wasn't very motivated and was having a hard time getting my life going. Mostly because, I didn't know where it was heading. Now I have a clearer focus and can put a lot more effort into something of real value to me. In other words, I don't get the impression I'm spinning my wheels or wasting my time anymore!

Getting the printshop has been such a blessing. For me, for my family and hopefully for my customers as well. I now have something that most people will never have their entire life... I have my dream job! And it dropped into my lap at such a strange point in my life, but, I'm extremely lucky in that regard. I'll never quite understand how this universe works exactly... lol.

Looking forward to more informational posts and updates on the ETSY front in the near future and I promise, it won't be another 8 months between posts!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Yuletide Greetings!

Well, here we are again at that special time of the year... Yule! One of the best times of the year for self awareness... I personally find this a great time to take stock in myself and see how I'm measuring up to my own standards. This year, I've lagged a little

Just got back from a trip up to S. Dakota to visit Renee's family. Wow, what a trip! Lots of drama... silly stuff really. I'll spare you all from the stupid details, consider yourself lucky. ;-) The best thing about the trip was that we rented a car and it was a Dodge Charger, which I quickly fell in love with. I would love to get one for every day use, but I've got to sell some more art to get one, that's for sure.

Kiddos are doing good, but boy do they make my life BUSY! It seems that all the stuff they have going on is overlapping these days. Makes for a very hectic family schedule. Oh well, I must trudge on for their sake...

Oh, I almost forgot... I got the great MAT CUTTER that I wanted for my birthday a week or so ago. It'll help alot with my Etsy store as well as the Custom Auto Posters that I do in the summertime.... So, YEA!!!

That's about it for now, toodles.

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Public Display

Well, I did say that I would try and get some pictures of what my first display looks like. So I finally made it back the other day to pick up some $$ from the sales of my artwork. Yes, it's selling already! YEA!!!

So here's a few pics of the display. They have 3 sections on 2 different walls. One of the best things is that it can be seen from the street/sidewalk, so getting walk by customers is a real option...

And here is a shot of the place from the outside. It's really a neat place to visit and hangout!