Sunday, November 15, 2009

WOW! What a year... =)

A lot has happened to me personally and professionally in 2009. And I happy to announce that most of it is GOOD.

In May, I took over an existing "brick and mortar" store here in the area which had been in business for 10 previous years. It's a printshop with an emphasis on custom designed cards and t-shirts. Right up my alley, I'd say! So far, it's been a wonderful time, although making the transition from a home-based freelance business to the requirements of running a full-time shop has been enlightening to say the least... lol

A lot of my time and efforts this summer and fall has been to reorganize the store to my tastes and take care of my existing customer base there. It leaves little time to devote to my art and to my shops on Etsy. I think that 2010 will bring a balance to all of that though. Some of my time in early 2010 will be devoted to creating a new and fully functional website to the shop and integrate my artwork and Etsy shops into that as well.

I've got a busy "Holiday Card and Invitation" season right around the corner, so I have to keep abreast of that for the next month or so. I will post pics of my new shop as soon as I can get some decent pictures taken. Look for them soon.

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